Face Masks & Shields in Ireland

We supply a variety of face mask and face masks from our warehouse in Cork to every corner of Ireland with quick and cost effective delivery.

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With large building sites there is always going to be people in close proximity so keep your workers safe and your site open by making sure everyone has access to the appropriate face masks. Whether its a building site in the countryside or a large commercial building in Dublin, we have the right PPE for your staff.

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It is important to give your customers confidence in you and your shop by making sure your staff are looked after. Your staff are your greatest asset so making sure they are safe and happy to work, is a top priority. This is carried over then to your customers who see the measures you are putting in place to look after your workers. Making face masks free and available stops the spread of Covid-19 and also keeps everyone safe.

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face masks for office staff

With office workers sitting and working in close proximity to each other it is important to make sure that they are comfortable and safe at all times. This will include hand sanitising stations, gloves and face masks. Particularly if your staff aren’t moving from their desks often it is key to make sure they use face masks and that you provide them for your staff.

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