Two Way Radios for the Hospitality Industry

Bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels, guesthouses, activity centres, kids play centres and many more all fall under the hospitality sector in Ireland. Ireland is famous for its hospitality and in order to maintain this reputation, companies must be constantly evolving and responding to changes in their industry and economic pressures. Time is money, and anything that means your staff aren’t wasting time is more time they can be dealing with customers, taking orders, and generally carrying out their jobs. If a customer has a query, you do not want a staff member leaving their station. A two way radio system can allow them to stay in place and contact their co-worker, manager or whoever in order to get a quick and accurate answer for the customer.

No matter how big your business, if you have more than one person working, they can benefit from a better communication system. We pride ourselves on being able to match the right two way radio system with the right business. We stock only the top brands such as Motorola, Entel, Icom, Entera and more and this means you are buying with confidence when you buy from Choice Communications. We are based in Cork so we are dedicated to the Irish market and supply from Dublin to Donegal. We also offer training and accessories such as headsets, spare batteries, charging docks, antenna and much more. We also hire two way radios in Ireland, and offer a complete repair and spares service.

Restaurant Walkie Talkies Ireland


A successful restaurant is a busy restaurant and if your customers are waiting too long then that becomes a big issue. If your staff can get reservations booked, customers seated, orders taken and food served efficiently, then both staff and customer will be happy and that makes for a successful restaurant. If your staff are spending time running back and forth that is not the best use of their time. With an easy to use, reliable walkie talkie system, you can support your staff and impress your customers with a slick and professional experience.

Restaurant Walkie Talkies


Any time spent away from your customers is time that could be better spent. You also don’t want a situation where the bar area is unattended, making customers wait or also causing issues with respect to tills or bottles left unsupervised. This can result in having to employ more staff, which is a big expense. If a member of bar staff can radio someone to get new stock, place a food order or get a keg changed, then that makes for much more efficient work force.

Bar Walkie Talkies
Bar Walkie Talkies
Cafe Two Way Radios Ireland

cafe two way radios

Running a cafe is a tough business, with lots of competition and the constant battle to keep overheads down. If you can keep your staff happy and productive then you give them the best possible working environment. If you have people having to run back and forth placing food and drinks orders all the time, it can run them ragged but also keep customers waiting. An efficient communication system with a good two way radio set up, can save time, stress and money. Speak to us about getting a two way radio system for your cafe.

Cafe Two Way Radios

hotel walkie talkies

Hotels have lots of staff and lots of facets to make them successful and those different parts all have to work seamlessly together in order to keep the ship afloat. When you need to locate staff over a huge area like a hotel, you can’t be running around looking for them, or hoping they are near a telephone. A dedicated walkie talkie system can keep everyone in touch without a great deal of training or expense. We have helped lots of hotels in Ireland get the right walkie talkies for them so please just contact us for more information.

Hotel Walkie Talkies
Hotel Walkie Talkies Ireland
Gym Two Way Radios

Gym Two Way Radios

Modern gyms are extremely busy, with lots of customers and staff, classes running at all times of day and night and extremely long opening hours. It is also a very competitive industry so you need to make sure your customers feel you are a cut above the rest, and give them a top class experience every time. If your communication systems are well established then your time table of personal training sessions, classes and orientation meeting will go like clock work. Two way radio systems don’t cost a fortune but they can make a huge difference to how efficiently your business runs.

Gym Walkie Talkies

Recreation two way radios

Recreation is a huge industry in Ireland, everything from outdoor pursuits centres, children’s soft play areas, swimming pools, corporate team building event centres and much more. A lot of these recreation venues are outdoors with large groups that need to be coordinated on an exact timetable and they may not have great mobile phone coverage, therefore a dedication two way radio system is invaluable to your staff to give your customers a great experience. And particularly when dealing with children being able to get support and first aid help quickly is essential. A two way radio can be a life saver.

Recreation Two Way Radios
Recreation Two Way Radios Ireland

worried about communication for your staff?

We offer complete communication solutions for all sizes of companies and environments using the best two way radio systems in Ireland. Contact us today about how walkie talkies can improve your company efficiency and safety measures, or browse our full range of equipment.

Best Two Way Radios For Hospitality Staff

Hospitality Walkie Talkies Ireland


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