Security Two Way Radios

Security companies in Ireland have been using two way radios for decades and they have proven their necessity time and time again. The ability to communicate privately and clearly is an invaluable resource that in a time sensitive event can save lives, property and money. We have been working with security firms the length and breadth of Ireland for over 20 years and we can recommend the best two way radio equipment irrespective of the size of your firm or the scale of the security operation, or whether it is in built up areas of Dublin or the more rural parts of Galway. The right security walkie talkies make a difference.

Bar & Club Walkie Talkies


Front door staff, cloak room attendants, bar staff, receptionists, front of house staff, waiters, chefs and floor security all need to be be on the same page at all times so everyone knows what is going on in the restaurant, hotel, bar or night club. You need a system that can be heard clearly indoors in a noisy environment, with great accessories and battery life to keep everyone communicating. We have supplied lots of hospitality industry with security walkie talkies and the feed back has always been excellent.

Hospitality Walkie Talkies

Building Security Two way radios

As companies continue to grow in size with respect to both staff and premises, it has become more important than ever to protect your premises, staff and resources, and that’s why more buildings, sites, industrial estates, factories and manufacturing plants are employing security personnel. These security personnel must be able to police effectively and this involves having the correct communication equipment which is appropriate for the job. With many staff working alone, they need special feature on their two way radios for lone workers, such as “man-down” features, and also able to work in the right environment, such as ATEX radios for factories where the risk of explosion is real. We can advise you on what is best for you and your building security staff.

Building Security Radios
Building & Office Security Radios
Close Protection Walkie Talkie


With Ireland being an international business hub, Dublin World famous for its nightlife and entertainment, some of the best horse racing and golf on the planet all within our emerald shores, Ireland has more and more wealthy and famous visitors every year. There is therefore a corresponding growth in Personal Close Protection Security for these visitors, and their communication equipment must be bullet proof. We offer only the top of range walkie talkie equipment with every conceivable accessory you could ever need. If you are travelling through a city or the countryside with your client, you need equipment that still works, even when mobile phone signals aren’t reliable.

Personal Protection Walkie Talkies

Exhibition two way radios

Ireland is becoming a business powerhouse with tech companies flocking to Dublin’s very own silicon valley. As more businesses come to Ireland, more conferences and exhibitions are happening every year with people flying in from every corner of the planet. You need to know that all your exhibition staff and in particular the security staff can communicate in large indoor environments that have 100s of mobile phones and wi-fi signals within a few meters. We can assess your unique needs for your buildings and staffing numbers and give you the best possible two way radio equipment that keeps everyone talking with minimal fuss and training. And as always we can maintain and repair any equipment you purchase from us.

Exhibition & Conference Radios
Exhibition Security Walkie Talkie
Retail Security Two Way Radios


In this Covid era we all need to keep social distance and yet maintain communication and security within retail environments. When you also factor in the fact that millions of euros are lost to retail thefts every year in Ireland, it is incredibly important that your security staff, floor staff, till staff, stockroom people and more are all able to communicate effectively. And in the case of undercover security, discrete walkie talkies are essential. We have helped many retailers with their communication needs whether they are an international brand with stores in Dublin, Galway, Cork and more, through to the small independent retailer. Just us a call and we can help you cut your overheads due to stock loss.

Retail Security Walkie Talkie

Festivals & Concert Event  WALKIE TALKIES

Ireland is famous for its entertainment with international artists putting Ireland on their World Tour schedules and drawing tens of thousands of people to their festivals and concerts. We also host food festivals, culture events and much more, and you need to ensure all your staff from the front gates, to the food stalls, to the stage crew can all talk and keep all visitors safe and happy. We can supply walkie talkies that are effective over large outdoor spaces and won’t be affected by large concert set ups with miles of cables, speakers, sound equipment and more. Speak to the experts at Choice Communication before you next festival or event.

Event Security Walkie Talkies
Festival Security Two Way Radios

worried about communication for your staff?

We offer complete communication solutions for all sizes of companies and environments using the best two way radio systems in Ireland. Contact us today about how walkie talkies can improve your company efficiency and safety measures, or browse our full range of equipment.

Best Two Way Radios For Security Staff


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