Mitex PMR446 Xtreme2 Walkie Talkie

The IP66 Rated Mitex 446 Xtreme2 is our flagship 446 Licence Free model designed with versatility and ease of use in harsher environments in mind. The 446 Xtreme2 is a powerful, extremely durable and yet relatively compact radio that delivers clear and reliable communications in demanding conditions.

The Mitex 446X2 is supplied pre-programmed to our normal 446 channels and is ready to use straight from the box, with no set up required and minimal user training. The 446 Xtreme2 talks to channels on our normal 446, 446X and 446Pro units and Channel 16 offers a scan function.

As the name suggests, the 446 Xtreme2’s applications are endless, providing a simple to use, very heavy duty communications solution for consumers and business alike. The Mitex 446 range is now widely used for activities such as hiking, cycling & Motorsport as well as being an effective tool in schools, shops and warehouse applications. The Mitex 446X2 is also a perfect step up for the Mitex PMR446 Licence Free user that has a more robust and demanding need. The 446X2 will talk to the standard 446, 446X and 446Pro on 15 channels straight from the box and is ideal as a step up to a more durable and robust IP66 Rated unit to use with your existing 446 fleet. This has to be one of the best heavy duty, professional, IP66 446 units available.

Channels 1-3: Motorola

Channels 4-6: Kenwood

Channels 7-9: Icom

The channels on the Mitex 446 radios reciprocate the channel numbers on the other manufacturers radios so Channel 1 on the Mitex 446 will talk to Channel 1 on the Motorola PMR446 radio. Channels 10-15 are programmed with Mitex frequencies which include obscure tones for added privacy; channel 16 is a scan channel.

The Mitex 446 is also upgradeable (for a small fee) to a fully professional 5 watt unit on Licenced 449. This provides a simple solution to users that are looking to use a more powerful system in the future but need the compatibility of license free now giving a totally future proofed solution.

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