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Two Way Radios or Walkie Talkies as they are also known may seem a bit old fashioned in this era of mobile phones but the technology held within these little handsets has developed to be essential equipment in a lot of industries, in this section we are looking at how walkie talkies can really help Irish farmers to not only increase productivity but add a layer of safety that they otherwise wouldn’t have. No matter the size of your farm, or the type of farming you do, we are certain there are features in our walkie talkies that will make you want to keep one close to hand at all times.

Farm Two Way Radios Ireland


This photo is a perfect example of two large, noisy pieces of machinery working closely together. When using a combine, walkie talkies would allow the operator in the combine to tell the tractor driver when to move forward or back to spread the load, or when the trailer is full. Walkie Talkies also need only one hand to operate them, a PTW system, Push To Work buttons that mean you won’t be distracted while fumbling to use a mobile phone touch screen. Being distracted while driving a combine can lead to spilt and wasted grain, or even worse, accidents.

Farm Machinery Walkie Talkies

farm buildings & animal sheds

Livestock farms may have a number of very large buildings and animal sheds that can be made from materials that are very effective at blocking mobile phone signals. Particularly if already in a rural area where mobile networks are weak. Walkie talkies don’t have that same issue. We can recommend the best two way radio system for your specific usage case, so if you spend a lot of time working in large steel buildings then you need a handset that will keep you connected to the outside world. Not only to save time having to leave the shed to speak to people, but also to keep you safe while around animals potentially when you are working alone.

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Waterproof farm WALKIE TALKIES

One thing we all know in Ireland is that if you work outside you need good waterproofs. And this goes for your communication equipment too. We supply to lots of outdoor pursuits companies who also do water sports, so we will have waterproof walkie talkies that can hold up to the worst weather that Ireland can serve up. Not only are they waterproof, but when your hands are wet, you don’t want to be fiddling with tiny screens and buttons, so a single Push To Work button saves lots of hassle when you are standing beside a broken down tractor in an Irish Winter downpour.

Waterproof Walkie Talkies

Farm Accidents in Ireland

It’s sad to say but farming in Ireland is one of the most dangerous professions there is. And there have been some terrible tragedies over the last few years. Modern walkie talkies have features specifically designed to support lone workers who may come into difficulties. They can detect when a worker hasn’t moved for a certain amount of time, in the case of someone falling or becoming unconscious this can be a life saver. They also have an SOS button that sends out an alert when pressed. So if you are a lone worker, or spend a lot of time away from other farm workers, then you need to invest in a walkie talkie system that can be the difference between life and death.

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Farm Accidents Ireland
Rural Farming Walkie Talkies


Many farms are very large and can be in different locations, so workers can be spread over several different areas, and can be quite far from home. There can even be different teams of workers carrying out different tasks across different parts of the farm. You need a walkie talkie that can not only reach every corner of the farm, but can also communicate simultaneously with all the workers of a particular team without the need to contact each one individually. This saves time and money on many levels, rather than having to drive around the various teams, you can send one message to all of them, and keeps everyone working efficiently, increasing all important productivity.

Large Farm Walkie Talkies

Farm Two Way Radios Ireland

Farms in Ireland are looking for new ways to become more productive and we have worked from farmers from Donegal to Cork to get them the best two way radio system for their usage cases. We understand what you need the radios to do, and also know they have to be rugged and waterproof to function in such a demanding environment. We have licensed and license free radios available as well as all the main manufacturers. We also competitively price every system we supply and can offer repair facilities as well as spare batteries, head sets, charging stations and more. If you have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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worried about communication for your staff?

We offer complete communication solutions for all sizes of companies and environments using the best two way radio systems in Ireland. Contact us today about how walkie talkies can improve your company efficiency and safety measures, or browse our full range of equipment.

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