How to Get a Two Way Radio Licence in Ireland

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How to Get a Two Way Radio Licence in Ireland

Before we even get started on this how to guide, if in doubt, please just give us a call on +353 (86) 252 2577 and we can help you get a two way radio licence for your business! Now on to the guide…

In Ireland two way radios fall into the business radio category. Business Radio is the collective term for a wide range of licence types that are issued by ComReg (Commission for Communications Regulation) This include radio systems like Community Repeaters, Mobile Radio Systems(including two-way radio systems) and Third Party Business Radio licences.

Business Radios are widely used in industrial, manufacturing and security businesses. It serves as a reliable communicative method, providing a simple, cost-effective way of communicating with colleagues and associates. In Ireland because two-way radios fall into the category of Business Radio, business owners are required to have an operations licence in order to utilise radio communication systems. There are particular devices that do not require licensing however, generally two-way radios that are used for business purposes require a specific licence. The Regulations controlling the issue of Business Radio licences is the Wireless Telegraphy (Business Radio Licence) regulations, 1949

Two Way Communications

Channels are designated for dual or single frequency use, mainly with 12.5 KHz bandwidth. Channels that are specifically for dual frequency use are prohibited from single frequency use. Also, channels that are specifically assigned for basic functionality are not allocated for communal operational use. As always we are able to advise on the best equipment for your business and the specific environment it will be working. We can then help you with the correct frequency and the associated licence.

Licence Information

A Business Radio Licence will only be granted to a legal organisation or person, in the event that the legal organisation is not a limited company, a licensee can be appointed, the legal name of the company needs to be stated on the application form.

Holding a Business Radio Licence does not give the licence holder the right to ownership of the frequency spectrum. Nonetheless, it does give permission for the licence holder to possess and utilize Wireless Telegraphy systems. Business licences are issued for a period of 12 months, the licensee must take responsibility for renewing the licence on a yearly basis. It is extremely important to not let these lapse as it can lead to issues from an insurance point of view.

Licence Fees

To acquire a Business Radio Licence in Ireland, the licence applicant must pay an application fee of €22, and €22 for each device in the fleet (prices correct as of May 2020).

How to Apply for a Business Radio Licence

To apply for a Business Radio Licence, applicants must apply using the form at http://www.comreg.ie. The applicant must fill out the application providing relevant and accurate information. The form must be signed and submitted via e-mail or post, relevant fees must also be paid.

Note: your radio equipment retailer can provide you with all the relevant information pertaining to Business Radio Licensing, they can also assist you in completing the form. That’s us by the way, we can not only sell you the two way radio, we can also help make sure you get the correct two way radio licence quickly and easily

Why is a Two Way Radio Licence Necessary?

There are a number of licence-free radio options available, they can essentially only operate in small areas, and the range is usually relatively small, about one mile to be exact. And in many situations that is perfect, however if you need dedicated, secure, clear communication with your staff, then using a licensed two way radio system is essential.

If you are operating a business, you will need secure frequency channels and wider range. Imagine your crane operators moving loads from one corner of a busy site to another, and they are getting cross talk from another building site a mile away, that can be disastrous. This is where business radio licensing comes into play. In order to operate on a secure, reliable frequency, you will need an operational licence for your two way device fleet.

If you still have questions about how to get a two way radio licence in Ireland, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you fill out the right forms and where to send them.

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