Now Supplying ATEX Phones in Ireland

Conquest S12 Pro ATEX Phone
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We are delighted to announce that we are now in partnership with smartphone designer Conquest, who specialise in rugged, outdoor and industry specific mobile phones. They have used their many year of research and development to produce amazing ATEX Phones that offer great functionality and safety requirements for use with industries where the risk of explosion is high. We have been supplying customers with the Oil & Gas Industry, Pharmaceutical, Fire & Rescue, and manufacturing industries for years and have been getting requests for this sort of product. 

ATEX PhoneAn ATEX phone combines mobile phone and walkie talkie functionality in one very attractive package. With all the features you would expect in a modern smartphone, such as multiple cameras, touch screen, contactless payment, waterproof, drop-proof, Android Apps and much more, but also the ability to work as a two way radio for when phone networks aren’t great.

Being ATEX rated means that they can be safely used in environments where gas explosions are a risk but communication needs to be maintained. For our full range of Conquest ATEX Phones, please visit our Conquest Category.

Conquest ATEX Phones

We currently offer the Conquest S12 Pro ATEX Phone and Conquest S16 ATEX Phone with more information is also available, but as always if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our Facebook page to reach us.

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