Face Masks in Ireland. Get Wearing Them!

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With Government announcements slowly easing lockdown, we can all go to shops and do more of the normal things we have come to appreciate more. We must remain careful though not to spread the covid-19 virus, particularly with talk of a second wave. When out shopping, visiting the park, or visiting the hairdressers it is advised to wear face masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Wearing Face Masks at work is also incredibly important, whether you are public facing or no.

If you are on a building site, warehouse, factory or delivery driver, your personal safety should also be your companies responsibility. If they aren’t offering you PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) then you need to ask them why.  After many months of lockdown, we cannot risk the safety of our older people and our most vulnerable.

When you choose a face mask, make sure it is of quality construction and built to exacting standards. Don’t be afraid to dispose of them if you feel they are dirty or damaged.

We are all in this together. Choice Communication fully supports this. And remember, it’s been a tough time for businesses during the weeks of lockdown, so support your local retails. Shop Local!

Take care of yourselves & each other. Wear Face Masks and Stay Safe.

Choice Communication.

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