What are the advantages of Two Way Radios?

Advantages Of Two Way Radios
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With the advanced technology available nowadays, such as smart devices that can almost do every job imaginable for us, who would have thought that going back to the basics could provide us a lot of advantages and benefits.

Let us talk about walkie talkies, not the toys that kids play with, but proper professional two way radio systems. First of all some quick benefits;

Quicker Response – Walkie talkies don’t need to ring as long as you are on its set channel you will be able to communicate easily with just a touch of a button. You will be notified and will be able to respond quickly and easily. It is also known as a better way to communicate especially during times of emergency and when there is a crowd.

Battery Life – These devices are made with long battery life due to its minimal activity and there are no running background applications compared to our usual smart devices. Even when we do a single charge these can last for hours of communication – so it is energy-saving compared to other devices

Durability – Walkie-talkies are made of very sturdy and durable materials that can survive a few falls, unlike our regular phones. It won’t break easily so, in the long run, we can save money on expensive repairs and replacements.

Two-way radios are also perfect in using for businesses and construction jobs whenever we are working in this area it is usual that we are dealing with heavy materials and sometimes liquid that can harm our devices but with these two-way radios if it accidentally gets wet we can be assured that it will still work. Unlike smartphones that water can easily destroy. So, if you have a lot of workers working in wet or outdoors environments, particularly in Ireland with typical Irish weather, this is the safest way of communication.

Savings – Walkie talkies can save you money especially when you are running a business or a certain group of people because communicating through this device wouldn’t require you to purchase any call plan to do the calling. You are broadcasting through its signals that is why you can save.

Easy to Use – walkie talkies are easy to use and they don’t even come with a very long manual it is totally accessible that even inexperienced users would easily know how to operate them. Also, you don’t even need to have a lot of contact lists when communicating that is why this is perfect especially when running a business.

Communication – Some areas would not have coverage of mobile signal providers or some would have lower signals such as in the forest or somewhere off the grid. That is where these 2-way radios are now very important since they can still allow us to communicate wherever and whenever.

Work Etiquette – If you are a business owner there will be no excuse not to have a no-phone policy if you provide workers with two-way radios as their means of communication – since it can help them focus more on their job instead of going onto social media or browsing the internet on their mobiles. No more distractions from their jobs.

It can also be a privacy concern in a workplace if we need to be discreet in our business and it is not yet open to the public having a phone while working can also cause workplace violations if employees are not aware that they are already taking pictures on the site or other work materials.

Working with Explosion and Waterproof phone
There is health and safety risk when using smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, etc. just for example our devices have electromagnetic waves or signals that can cause a reaction towards the volatile materials in a workplace that can cause a hazard. When we go to the petrol station we see warning signs that we should not use our mobile phones, the same thing applies with oil or gas companies etc, it is safer for employees to use communication devices for everyone’s safety.

Another example is also where our devices can store germs and that falls in working in a medical or pharmaceutical field, that is why these devices are made to make sure that your health and safety policies are not compromised.
Your company may need ATEX Mobile Phones. This is what they say is the best of both worlds, A Smartphone, and a two way radio crossover that is perfect for companies that are in the field of medical, pharmaceutical, oil industry, gas industry, fire industry, and petrol stations and much more. Since this is specially made with durable and safe materials.

And since this has a crossover of a smartphone or a smart device it has more features that are very useful with a huge number of other tools and apps such as a compass, magnifier, flashlight, barometer, sound meter, height measure and a lot more that can come in handy.
It is cost-efficient for business owners since this can help us with the safety of the people that means lesser health hazards or hospitalisation costs and in the long run can save money from other communication plans and replacements of faulty equipment since this product is water, explosion, and dust-proof. So, we can tell that it is durable and safe to use. There is also another model that is made for underwater usage that is waterproof and also is designed to take pictures underwater.

If you have any questions on how two way radio system can help your business please speak to us, and we can advise on how two way radios can save your business money and improve the efficiency of your work force. With over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves on providing the best equipment for the job. Choice Communications Ireland are also available on Facebook, so send us a message there and we will get back to you straight away.

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