Construction Site Two-Way Radios

All construction companies can benefit from using two way radios that allow all staff members to be in constant contact to maximise production. Run out of materials, you can radio a driver to collect more, need to find out where someone is when mobile network is poor on site, use their radio, directing a tele-handler to leave a pallet onto scaffolding, direct them with their radio. The uses are limitless, and as the construction industry continues to grow in Ireland, picking the right system for you has never been easier.

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Walkie talkies for commercial building sites

If you are the Project Manager on a large commercial building site anywhere in Ireland then you need to be able to speak with everyone from the foreman, crane operator, banks man, to the security guards. You don’t want to waste time and energy walking from pillar to post when a suitable and dependable walkie talkie system can keep you and your staff in easy and immediate contact.

Commercial Building Sites

Crane operator Two way radios

Crane Operators need to be able to communicate with people on the ground so they know their loads are going to the right place, and above all for the safety of everyone on the building site. They need to make sure they aren’t getting interference from radios anywhere nearby, as they could get instructions that aren’t for them, and lead to a serious accident. Dublin skyline alone is dominated by cranes and mobile phones are as dependable as your own radio system. They therefore need a licensed two way radio system to give them dependable crystal clear communication lines with their team.

Crane Operators
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Residential building site radios

Residential building sites can cover several 100s of meters of land, with multiple buildings, machinery, and if it’s a rural building site, then mobile phone coverage might not be great. Your construction company needs a reliable way to talk to each without the need to drive around and waste time, saving you money and keeping your staff happy. We have systems that can work in any location and cover a huge range, and also within your budget. We also supply spare batteries and accessories from all the top brands.

House Building Sites


On large civil engineering projects like bridge building and road development there can be a lot of people and machinery on site at any given moment, and those have to work in tandem to keep the project moving forward. A good communication network can really make this work seamlessly, and with a quality analogue or digital two way radio system in place, with it’s own dedicated frequency you can safely have your team speak to each other and coordinate even the most complex parts of a civil engineering project.

Civil Engineering
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We offer complete communication solutions for all sizes of companies and environments using the best two way radio systems in Ireland. Contact us today about how walkie talkies can improve your company efficiency and safety measures, or browse our full range of equipment.

Best Two Way Radios For Construction Sites