Why Hire Two Way Radios in Ireland?

There can be many clear benefits to hiring your radio equipment as opposed to purchasing a fleet of your own. A few of the most obvious benefits are:

  • Cost Efficiency – Fixed pricing means that you can plan your budget and you will know upfront exactly how much it will cost for your intended period of hire.
  • Practicality – You may not have a constant need for radio communications equipment. In this case, two way radio hire is a very sensible and practical solution.
  • Support – All of our equipment will be maintained by us for the duration of your hire period. We’ve got it covered.

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We have been providing a two way radio hire service in Cork for over two decades. This experience means that we know a thing or two about the needs of our customers.  We are always happy to help you find the most suitable radio units that appropriately meet your needs, preferences and budget.

Our customers are always our top priority. This is why we provide a comprehensive selection of two way radios for hire – analogue, digital and ATEX approved radios. The type of equipment required is usually dependent on your intended application.

All of our walkie talkies for hire have been tested and are pre-programmed to the correct frequencies before you receive them, so you can rest assured that you will not experience any difficulties. We currently rent a selection of analogue and digital mobile radios, portable handheld radios, clear coil and d-shell earpieces, and repeater systems as well as other accessories for short, medium and long term hire.

We have a very competitive pricing structure,  and our two way radios and accessories are available to suit many industries and applications including:

  • Security
  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Sports & Leisure
  • General Purpose

We also hire radios for all kinds of projects and events around Cork city and county.

Call us on +353 (86) 252 2577 or send us an email to info@choicecommunications.ie to inquire about our two way radio hire service today.