What are ATEX phones?

What are ATEX Phones
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What are ATEX Phones?

ATEX mobile phones are intrinsically safe mobile devices used by professionals working in hazardous areas, such as the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, petrochemical industry, home heating industry, oil, and gas industry, and other related fields, offering strong resistance to explosions and other hazardous occurrences.

They combine the best features of walkie talkies smartphones but designed to be used in the most hazardous of environments. Particularly with the way that insurance companies scrutinise a working environment, you want to make sure that the communication systems you and your staff use are of the highest safety standards.

We particularly recommend ATEX phones for drivers of hazardous materials like home heating oil, chemicals, and raw materials. This role is sometimes overlooked, but is very much a weak link in the safety chain that is your business supply lines. Don’t put your drivers, or the public, at risk from using a phone that isn’t fit for purpose.

ATEX mobile phones are built to specific requirements, offering a complete solution for mobile workers and other individual customers. They are built to resist water and dust ingress, with robust battery life, ensuring their durability while under usage. Such mobile devices are purposely built for dangerous work areas, particularly areas vulnerable to explosions.

All our ATEX phones come with a safety certificate for extra peace of mind.

Why we stock Conquest ATEX and Hybrid ATEX Phones?

Conquest is a niche communication manufacturer specialising in ATEX Phones and hybrid ATEX Phones & Walkie Talkies. Conquest manufactures feature-packed device, including functionalities characterised with the regular modern smartphones and other top-end features missing in other leading phone manufacturers, such as Samsung, Apple, Huawei, etc.

Conquest takes pride in its wealth of experience in research and development, allowing them to design and manufacture three-proof dual-mode intercom handheld terminals, three-proof industrial explosion-proof handheld terminals, and other top-end communication devices.

Apart from being extremely user-friendly and tough, Conquest manufactures visually appealing ATEX phones. Their devices are designed with an extensive range of accessories, including multiple charging options, aiding its flexible capabilities.


What does ATEX stand for?

ATEX is an acronym for Atmospheres Explosible, forming a part of the European equipment directive, otherwise referred to as ATEX 2014-34 EU. This directive caters to manufacturing standards, ensuring the protection of people against the risk caused by dangerous substances.

What is ATEX approval?

ATEX approval is the verification of a manufacturer’s design specification for their products based on various relevant standards outlined under the directive. Only an ATEX notified body can undertake such a certification process. Hence, products with ATEX certifications have been appropriately tested and confirmed to be safe for use in explosive (or other hazardous) environments.

What are Intrinsically Safe Mobile Phones?

Intrinsically safe mobile phones are mobile phones marked to offer reliable and safe mobile communications within hazardous or classified areas.

Are smartphones intrinsically safe?

Smartphones aren’t intrinsically safe. The last thing you want is a phone that would cause a fire or explosion while you or your staff are working in a dangerous environment.

We carry a full range of ATEX Phones and would love to discuss them with you, so please feel free to contact us, visit our Facebook page, or have a look at our full Conquest range.

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