Icom Two Way Radios

Icom Two Way Radios for over 50 years have offered a reliable system that allows your staff to communicate with solid reliable technology making it one of the most popular two way radios in Ireland. Using the experience they have built up over the last 50 years, they continue to develop and perfect radio communication.

Today, Icom is regarded as one of the World’s leading radio equipment manufacturers. The huge range of products they design are to the highest specifications and include base-stations, mobile and handheld units which cover multiple frequency bands.

Extensive R&D facilities enable them to design, develop and customise radio equipment to meet the needs of their Irish customers. Their skilled technicians and engineers work in a tightly controlled, quality oriented environment.

More recently, Inline with EU regulations including the RED directive, Icom are now registered and comply with the requirements of both the WEEE and Battery directives. All Icom products are compliant with relevant radiation and radio frequency regulations and specifications, reducing interference and improving safety.

They offer radio equipment which can be found at every corner of industry, both commercial and retail, as well as within the leisure industry. These radios are used a lot in off shore oil rigs, shipping as well as within the fishing industry, because they are extremely rugged and waterproof.

We can offer advice on the best system for your application, whether you are a construction firm, manufacturer, retailer or warehouse. Icom Two Way Radios are a great choice to increase the productivity of your company. Please contact us to discuss anything or select one of the radios below and send us a message to get a bespoke quote. We are also available on Facebook and we regular post updates and offers there.

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