Entel Two Way Radios

Entel two way radios were established in 1995, and the design and manufacture to a global market, not just here in Ireland. Ranked among the leading industry brands, Entel offer standards of innovation, quality and excellence to its business critical radio communications equipment. Their users can communicate effectively, even in the most hostile environments.

Entel two way radio systems are built for professional companies to be used in demanding environments. Environments where dependability is paramount. These systems are also extremely simple to use. If you are in a difficult situation, you don’t want a temperamental and tricky system to slow down your communication. In the UK alone, Entel secured contracts with the UK Fire & Rescue Services, the Ministry of Justice and a global contract with G4S Security. This makes Entel the name you can trust. Each of these contracts were won after long testing periods.

No matter how big your company is, or what industry you work in, if you need the best, Entel is the first among equals. Contact us to discuss your requirements. We understand that picking the correct communication equipment for your company can be essentially to increase efficiency. That’s why we pride ourselves on our product knowledge. With over 20 years of two way radio industry experience, we know more than any other company about these systems. Entel also supply a large range of accessories and spare equipment, so contact us, to see how we can help you today. And because we are based in Ireland, we can help you today, not in several weeks time.

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